Bridging the Gap


Edmondson's principals, teachers and staff are given limited resources from the county. It is our mission to ‘Bridge the Gap’ between what the county will pay for and what our principals, teachers and staff believe our students need to succeed. Our 2017-2018 campaign supports technology, teaching assistant salaries, and many other critical resources.  We simply ask our Edmondson families to donate money to our school. We do this because we believe parents prefer to write a check, rather than have their children sell wrapping paper, cookie dough, magazines, etc.   Plus the benefit of a program such as this is that 100% of the monies received stay here at EES. This is our PRIMARY source of raising money.



Please help us meet our goal of $60,000!

We have two levels of suggested giving:

GREEN: $100 donation per student 

BLUE:  $150 donation per student 



We are seeking 100% participation from our Edmondson families.  Remember that every donation makes a difference regardless of size.  Please help us keep EES a top-rated school.


Thank you in advance for your support. Click here to DONATE NOW!

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Last year,  Bridging the Gap funded:

  • Technology improvements, including the purchase of 24 new Smart Interactive TVs, which will be replacing the older Smartboards in the coming years.

  • Teacher and staff support programs, such as classroom start-up funding, Teacher Appreciation Week, workroom purchases, and monthly staff meals.

  • Classroom support, including salaries for two teacher assistants, continuing education opportunities for our teachers, and educational resources for our children.

  • Departmental support, including resources for PE, Library, Arts and Music.

  • Campus beautification projects, such as the outdoor classroom and trail, planters at the school entryway, the new Edmondson Elementary School Sign in the bus loop, and playground upgrades for students.