BeNiceShirtBe Nice EES!

Help support our county wide initiative! 'Be Nice' was adopted as a slogan to set the tone in school halls, buildings, classrooms and within our community. The slogan is spreading like wildfire as students and staff embrace the idea behind a campaign that's meant to encourage kindness.


Each grade level is in the process of planning a BE NICE day for each month. The staff at EES will be talking with the kids about what this means and how/when to let someone know that we need them to BE NICE.


Please click on the below link for more information AND to order your EES BE NICE shirt (optional).


Click here to----> Order Your EES 'Be Nice' Shirt 

Shirts are available for adults and children through Big Frog. Hope you will join us in this way of life!                  

*NEW* Click here to-----> Order a 'BE NICE' License Plate

License plates are sold via Kenrose Elementary PTO and if you select OUR SCHOOL when you check out, Edmondson Elementary will receive $12 from every purchase.